Our Services

Strategic Planning

  • We offer scalable, customized program to meet your needs.
  • We partner you in formulating well-defined, balanced strategies to achieve targeted mission + vision.
  • Our strategy consulting service is designed to assist top leaders in any organization throughout the journey – from formulation, resources sourcing/optimization, implementation, controls, governance to stewardship and stakeholders’ reporting.
  • We partner you in organizing workshops, and developing communication plans across your organization.
  • We share and leverage our strategic management modules to meet your organizational needs.
  • The whole objective is to gather the best resources in your organization to achieve the best targeted realistic short term and long term goals.

Customer Experience

  • Customers Experience (CX) is the most important area of your relationship with your clients
  • Every interaction is priceless, and we will assist you to enrich your customers experience.
  • We share our years of experience managing call centers, online interaction and face-to-face (F2F) engagement.

Information Technology Consultancy & Training

  • Digitalization is an enabler towards organizational transformation.
  • We partner with you to analyze your IT performance, and to improve overall computing and technological capabilities at most optimum level.
  • We have various technology partners in cloud computing, network, mobile and software solutions to meet your digital ambition.
  • We assist your organization to nurture a mindset change as your firm embraces a digitalization journey.

Leadership Training & Coaching

  • Talent is an important asset to your organization, and we leverage our training materials and expertise to grow your talents.
  • We develop your future leaders together with you, with customized and tailored leadership program or by providing specific training needs.
  • We analyze your organizational skill families, and provide consultancy on building constructive framework on critical skills retention and development.

Entrepreneurship Program

  • We offer series of courses to assist start-ups in doing things right, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • As a micro or small business entrepreneurs, your budget and available resources are very small, utilization these resources at optimum level while achieving your business goals is key.
  • Key courses offered are:
    • Business Start-Up
    • Business Ideation & Business Model Canvas
    • Communications
    • Project Management
    • Branding & Packaging
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Smart Finance

Graduate Employability

  • We offer Graduate Employability courses to guide on and prepare graduates for their next path upon graduation.
  •  We equip graduates with pool of skills needed to enter a corporate or entrepreneurship world.
  • Our consultants have years of experience leading corporate organizations, and know exactly the right ingredients for graduates to demonstrate in job interviews.
  • We will help you as graduate to choose your career path to ensure you fulfill and enjoy your career upon graduation.